London Dev Community

With more than 2000 members, this meetup for developers hosts regular tech talks and dev coffees in the city of London.



A conference for Polyglot Programmers that takes place every year in September.

A conference about what’s next in Agile. 2 days of engaging talks and workshops to explore where Lean and Agile will emerge next. Usually takes place in March.



Agile Tour London

One of the biggest Agile Conferences in London. An event open to everyone from beginner to seasoned Agilists. It takes place around 20th October every year.





A brand new conference about Smart Contracts and Blockchains from a developer’s point of view: No startup pitch, just architecture and coding! The first edition will take place in September 2018.



DevChain London

A meetup dedicated to Blockchain and Smart Contracts for professional developers.