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5 Reasons to attend Agile in a Bag Conference this year

After a successful first year, Agile in a Bag Conference will be back in London on 10 June, 2016. The one-day event is chock-full of interactive workshops and insightful talks from the leading industry experts. You will learn fundamentals of agile methodologies, tools and best practices and how to apply this knowledge to make your projects successful.

Still not sure? Here are 5 reasons to attend this fantastic conference next month.

1. AiB is a hands-on, workshop-focused conference. Get practical!
Tired of sitting in a conference all day listening to speaker after speaker? Thankfully, you won’t have to do that at AiB. It encourages audience participation with hands-on workshops and one-on-one discussions with the speaker and attendees.

2. It’s completely OK to join if you are new to agile
Agile newbies, rejoice! AiB is packed with fantastic intro level talks and workshops so it’s completely okay to join if you have just stepped into the amazing world of Agile. You can see the full programme here.

3. Meet some fantastic speakers
This is your chance to meet some of the leading industry experts who will be speaking at AiB. Speakers include accomplished Agile Coaches Simon Powers and Andrea Darabos among many others. You can take a look at all the speakers here.

4. Learn something new about Scrum, Kanban or Cynefin (wait a minute … what is Cynefin?!)
AiB provides an opportunity to learn something new about these methodologies through open space discussions and hands on workshops. Armed with expert knowledge, our awesome speakers will be dishing out some great advice about these agile concepts.

5. Have fun because workshops are always fun!
AiB is not your run-of-the-mill Agile conference. It promises to be fun and interactive because let’s face it, workshops are always fun!

Convinced? Head over to to book a ticket now!

See you at AiB2016.

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